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Legio IIII Flavia Felix Banner

Legio IIII Flavia Felix Banner

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  • Magnificent and real colors
  • It makes any room elegant
  • Perfect for a prestigious gift


Print on pictorial canvas
Measurement: 60x40 cm
Material: work printed on very fine grain pictorial canvas
Frame: Light brown beech wood and handmade wood pulp

The symbol

The IIII Flavia was established by the emperor Vespasian with the legionaries of the IIII Macedonica. The IIII Macedonica had fought on the side of Vitellius and against Vespasian during the Year of the Four Emperors and perhaps the emperor did not trust those men. He thus decided to dissolve the Macedonica, organizing a new IIII legion, giving it his own name, Flavia, and obliging each legionary to swear an oath of loyalty to his family.

Having the lion as its symbol, it is likely that the legion was raised in the summer.

How reproductions are made

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