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Announcement to Sant'Anna, Giotto. Reproduction on Amalfi paper

Announcement to Sant'Anna, Giotto. Reproduction on Amalfi paper

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Unique quality material
Print on handmade paper from Amalfi
Measurement : 30 x 30 cm
Material : work printed on very fine handmade Amalfi paper with fringed edges


This is the moving story of Anna , a woman who reaches a mature age and is unable to get pregnant. Her husband loses face and is kicked out of the temple, her friends abandon her. She prays every day, desperately. Until an Angel comes to visit her and announces that her wish will be fulfilled: she will conceive the Virgin Mary herself , entering the history of Christianity. Giotto pays admirable homage to this wonderful episode with an extraordinary work. The perspective gives a wonderful depth to the image, which seems to pop out of the plane. The colors are soft although the painting is almost monochromatic. With very few variations in tone, Giotto manages to give dynamism and rhythm to the work. All those who want to affirm hope , attract good news or want to witness the overcoming of a difficult period must purchase a reproduction of this splendid work. The wonderful play of perspective, spatiality and colors are best rendered thanks to the work exclusive to ExpoItalyART by professional Italian artisans and painters, who check and sign each reproduction by hand.

How reproductions are made

The craftsmen of Trizio Editore make a reproduction of this subject with a unique mechanism . The image is in fact printed several times as a test, until the correct combination of color tones is found. Finally, a professional 12-color inkjet printer creates a perfect copy, which is double-checked by hand and left to dry in protected environments. The artisans spread a natural fixative to preserve the shine and sharpness of the image and package the product entirely by hand.

Appreciated and used today by true connoisseurs of quality, fine papers or pictorial canvases have an ancient tradition. Symbol of Made in Italy recognized throughout the world, these extremely refined prints represent priceless subjects that come to life in a new light.

When printing is carried out, it passes to drying which in protected environments and with precise temperature and humidity helps the colors to remain vivid and full-bodied. The following fixing serves to keep the colors as just done forever. In fact, the fixer comes directly into contact with the surface and creates a real physical barrier between the colors and dust or bad weather.

The choice of frames is then a delicate and precise design step . Beech, maple or cherry, each with its own peculiarities and colours. With natural elements, we have special frames with incredible brilliance and lightness.
The matching of the frames is clearly done depending on the subject. To help us in the choice, art experts and painting masters carry out tests and tell us which choice to make.
All reproductions are chosen and followed by our Italian craftsmen.

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