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Vitellius, emperor of Rome. Line engraving by A. Sadeler

Vitellius, emperor of Rome. Line engraving by A. Sadeler

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Aulus Vitellius Germanicus Augustus is one of the Eleven Caesars was a series of eleven painted half-length portraits of Roman emperors created by Titian in 1536-40 for Frederick II, Duke of Mantua. They were among his best-known works, inspired by Suetonius' Lives of the Caesars. Titian's paintings were originally housed in a new room within the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua. Bernardino Campi added a twelfth portrait in 1562. The portraits were copied by Flemish engravers in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, who added engravings of twelve Roman empresses. Between 1627 and 1628 the paintings were sold to Charles I of England by Vincenzo II Gonzaga, and when the Royal Collection of Charles I was dismembered and sold after his execution by the English Commonwealth, the Eleven Caesars passed in 1651 into collection of Philip IV of Spain. They were all destroyed in a catastrophic fire at the Royal Alcazar in Madrid in 1734 and are now known only from copies and engravings. This is by Aegidius Sadeler.

How reproductions are made

The artisans of ExpoitalyART make a reproduction of this subject with a unique mechanism . The image is in fact printed several times as a test, until the correct combination of color tones is found. Finally, a professional 12-color inkjet printer creates a perfect copy, which is double-checked by hand and left to dry in protected environments. The artisans use a natural fixative to preserve the shine and sharpness of the image and package the product entirely by hand. Appreciated and used today by true connoisseurs of quality, fine papers, very fine photographic papers or pictorial canvases have an ancient tradition. Symbol of Made in Italy recognized throughout the world, these extremely refined prints represent priceless subjects that come to life in a new light. When printing is carried out, it passes to drying which in protected environments and with precise temperature and humidity helps the colors to remain vivid and full-bodied. The following fixing serves to keep the colors as just done forever. In fact, the fixer comes directly into contact with the surface and creates a real physical barrier between the colors and dust or bad weather. The choice of frames and brilliant glass is then a delicate and precise design step . The colors each have their own peculiarity. With natural elements, we have special frames with incredible brilliance and lightness. The matching of the frames is clearly done depending on the subject. To help us in the choice , art experts and painting masters carry out tests and tell us which choice to make. All reproductions are chosen and followed by our Italian artisans.
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