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Susanna Bathing or Susanna and the Elders - Albrecht Altdorfer

Susanna Bathing or Susanna and the Elders - Albrecht Altdorfer

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The work

Susanna Bathing by Albrecht Altdorfer is an oil on panel painting from 1526 found in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich . The subject is the biblical story of Susanna who bathes in a pool while being spied on by two elderly people. Unlike most artists who depicted this story, Altdorfer did not paint a female nude, but chose a more profane and original approach. Altdorfer placed emphasis on the representation of Joachim's fairy-tale palace with large terraces and adjacent gardens. The cloisters, halls and terraces are filled with people doing everything from talking to having fun and eating. Among these details, the artist has inserted various threads of the same story. On the left, in the distance, Susanna is walking towards the swimming pool to take a bath. On the same side, in the foreground, Susanna appears surrounded by her four maids, sitting while washing her feet, and one of her maids combs her hair. On the left, among the bushes, barely visible, are the two old men observing the girl's bathroom. To the right of the painting, Susanna in a red dress goes towards the palace. He is holding a white lily in his hand, a symbol of innocence, here referring to Susanna, who remained chaste and did not give in to the persuasions of the elders. On the right, the narrative ends with the stoning of the elders as punishment for their lying. The stoning scene is observed by spectators from the windows.

How reproductions are made

The craftsmen of Trizio Editore make a reproduction of this subject with a unique mechanism . The image is in fact printed several times as a test, until the correct combination of color tones is found. Finally, a professional 12-color inkjet printer creates a perfect copy, which is double-checked by hand and left to dry in protected environments. The artisans use a natural fixative to preserve the shine and sharpness of the image and package the product entirely by hand. Appreciated and used today by true connoisseurs of quality, fine papers, very fine photographic papers or pictorial canvases have an ancient tradition. Symbol of Made in Italy recognized throughout the world, these extremely refined prints represent priceless subjects that come to life in a new light. When printing is carried out, it passes to drying which in protected environments and with precise temperature and humidity helps the colors to remain vivid and full-bodied. The following fixing serves to keep the colors as just done forever. In fact, the fixer comes directly into contact with the surface and creates a real physical barrier between the colors and dust or bad weather. The choice of frames and brilliant glass is then a delicate and precise design step . The colors each have their own peculiarity. With natural elements, we have special frames with incredible brilliance and lightness. The matching of the frames is clearly done depending on the subject. To help us in the choice , art experts and painting masters carry out tests and tell us which choice to make. All reproductions are chosen and followed by our Italian artisans.
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