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Spartacus - Spartacus - Gladiator Mirmillone

Spartacus - Spartacus - Gladiator Mirmillone

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The bronzed resin statue, hand finished in every detail .

Height: 26 cm Weight: 1.5 kg

The Spartacus statue is a stunning work of art, created with meticulous attention to detail to capture the essence and grandeur of this iconic character. Represented in all his might, Spartacus is portrayed in the moment in which he brandishes his sword with mastery and determination, ready to challenge any opponent. This statue was crafted from high-quality bronzed resin materials and curated by skilled craftsmen who brought each individual sculpted feature to life with precision and sculptural musculature. Every detail of the armor, from the detailed helmets to the leather plates, has been impeccably reproduced to convey the authenticity of the gladiatorial era. The dimensions of the statue of Spartacus are impressive, allowing you to fully appreciate his charisma. 26 centimeters tall, this statuette will be the centerpiece of any collection dedicated to ancient Rome or the era of the gladiators. In addition to its extraordinary beauty, this statue of Spartacus also represents a symbol of courage and determination. It will make an exceptional addition to any environment, be it a home, a study or an office, attracting the attention of every visitor and conveying a sense of power and charm. Choosing to purchase the statue of Spartacus is an investment in historical and artistic charm. Each statue is crafted from premium materials to ensure its durability, so it can be admired and enjoyed for many years to come.

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