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Roman legionary with pilum and scutum

Roman legionary with pilum and scutum

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The bronzed resin statues, hand-finished in every detail , masterfully represent the Roman soldiers, protagonists of one of the most influential periods in history. The statue is made entirely in Italy, it has a truly impressive level of detail. It is a suitable size to fit on a desk or piece of furniture, it is very imposing and its weight is solid.

Height 35 cm - Weight 1.2 kg

Roman soldiers were the world's most powerful military force for nearly 12 centuries, from 753 BC to 476 AD, establishing an empire that stretched from the British Isles to the Middle East. During this long period, the Roman army became the most effective and long-lasting military institution ever known in all of human history. The rise of the Roman Empire began with the founding of Rome in 753 BC, and its military strength developed progressively over the centuries. The Roman Republic, which formed in 509 BC, was characterized by a system of conscription that conscripted Roman citizens to serve in the army. This model proved incredibly efficient, allowing for the raising of large armies that could deal with external threats. Over the centuries, the Roman army adopted new military tactics and technologies, making it formidable on the battlefield. Roman soldiers were disciplined, trained and well equipped. They used a wide variety of weapons, including swords, spears, javelins, and shields. Each soldier was part of a well-organized tactical unit, forming a cohesive and powerful force. The Roman legions, made up of thousands of men, were famous for their discipline during battles. The height of Roman power was reached during the period of the Empire, when the territory subject to Rome extended over vast territories in Europe, Africa and Asia. However, despite their great strength, Roman soldiers faced numerous threats and invasions from barbarian peoples. In the lands of Germany, in particular, the Romans carried out numerous punitive expeditions against tribes who threatened the borders. Despite the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the military legacy of Roman soldiers was significant. Their organization, strategies and technologies have profoundly influenced future militaries over the centuries. Their contributions to military history are still studied and admired today. The statues depicting the Roman soldiers, with the large shield, the powerful sword and the long javelin, faithfully represent the grandeur and value of these warriors, who wrote an indelible page in the history of humanity.

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