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The Battle of Cape Ecnomos

The Battle of Cape Ecnomos

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  • Magnificent and real colors
  • It makes any room elegant
  • Perfect for a prestigious gift


Print on handmade paper from Amalfi
Sheet size: 30 x 42 cm
Material: work printed on very fine handmade Amalfi paper with fringed edges

Print on handmade Amalfi paper with frame
Sheet size: 30 x 42 cm
With frame: 32 x 44 cm
Material: work printed on very fine handmade Amalfi paper with fringed edges, handmade beech wood frame

Print on pictorial canvas
Measurement: 80 x 60 cm
Material: work printed on very fine grain pictorial canvas
Frame: Light brown beech wood and handmade wood pulp


The work

Gabriel de Saint-Aubin, a French artist active in the 18th century, is known for his engravings and drawings which often depict historical events and everyday scenes with particular attention to detail and the social life of the time. His work "The Naval Battle Near Ecnomus" stands out in his corpus for its war theme, focusing on a significant event in ancient history: the naval battle of Ecnomus.

The Battle of Ecnomos, fought in 256 BC during the First Punic War, was one of the largest naval battles of antiquity and a crucial victory for Rome against Carthage. The Roman fleet, consisting of hundreds of ships and tens of thousands of men, faced the Carthaginian fleet in a vast formation that stretched for miles across the open sea off the coast of Sicily.

In Saint-Aubin's work, this epic battle is depicted with a vibrancy and dynamism that captures the intensity and scale of the confrontation. The ships are meticulously detailed, with sailors and warriors visibly engaged in combat. The composition of the work emphasizes the chaos of battle, with intersecting ships and the sea water churned by tumultuous movements.

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