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Seated young man

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The Pompeian styles are four distinct periods in ancient Roman wall painting. They were originally outlined and described by German archaeologist August Mau, 1840–1909, from the excavation of wall paintings at Pompeii, which is one of the largest groups of surviving examples of Roman frescoes. Wall painting styles have allowed art historians to outline the various phases of interior decoration in the centuries preceding the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, which destroyed the city and preserved the paintings, and among the stylistic changes in Roman art. In the succession of styles there is a reiteration of stylistic themes. The paintings also tell a lot about the area's prosperity and specific tastes during the times. Four main styles of Roman wall painting have been found: encrustation, architectural, ornamental, and intricate. Each style is unique, but each style after the first contains aspects of each previous style. Any original paintings were created before the eruption of Vesuvius. The first two styles (encrustation and architecture) were part of the Republican period (related to Hellenistic Greek wall painting), and the last two styles (ornamental and intricate) were part of the Imperial period. The main purpose of these frescoes was to reduce the claustrophobic interiors of Roman rooms, which were windowless and dark. The paintings, full of color and life, livened up the interior and made the room more spacious.

How reproductions are made

The artisans of ExpoitalyART make a reproduction of this subject with a unique mechanism . The image is in fact printed several times as a test, until the correct combination of color tones is found. Finally, a professional 12-color inkjet printer creates a perfect copy, which is double-checked by hand and left to dry in protected environments. The artisans spread a natural fixative to preserve the shine and sharpness of the image and package the product entirely by hand.

Appreciated and used today by true connoisseurs of quality, fine papers or pictorial canvases have an ancient tradition. Symbol of Made in Italy recognized throughout the world, these extremely refined prints represent priceless subjects that come to life in a new light.

When printing is carried out, it passes to drying which in protected environments and with precise temperature and humidity helps the colors to remain vivid and full-bodied. The following fixing serves to keep the colors as just done forever. In fact, the fixer comes directly into contact with the surface and creates a real physical barrier between the colors and dust or bad weather.

The choice of frames is then a delicate and precise design step . Beech, maple or cherry, each with its own peculiarities and colours. With natural elements, we have special frames with incredible brilliance and lightness.
The matching of the frames is clearly done depending on the subject. To help us in the choice, art experts and painting masters carry out tests and tell us which choice to make.
All reproductions are chosen and followed by our Italian artisans.

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