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Roman centurion. Sculpture

Roman centurion. Sculpture

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The bronzed resin statues, hand-finished in every detail , masterfully represent the Roman soldiers, protagonists of one of the most influential periods in history. The statue is made entirely in Italy, it has a truly impressive level of detail. It is a suitable size to fit on a desk or piece of furniture, it is very imposing and its weight is solid.

Height 33 cm - Weight 1.2 kg

The Roman centurion

The centurion in ancient Rome was a professional officer in the Roman army who commanded a centuria, a unit composed of approximately 80 soldiers. Centurions were crucial figures in Roman military organization and held significant authority.

The centurion's primary role was to lead and train his centuria, enforcing rigorous discipline and maintaining order within the unit. They oversaw military exercises, combat training, and made sure soldiers were properly equipped and ready for battle. Centurions were responsible for enforcing military regulations, maintaining high morale, and inspiring the troops by their example of courage and leadership.

Centurions were chosen from experienced and capable soldiers who had demonstrated leadership qualities. They had to go through rigorous training and demonstrate their skills in several military campaigns. Centurions wore distinctive armor and crests on their helmets, which distinguished them on the battlefield.

In addition to their command duties, centurions also held administrative roles, such as overseeing logistics, organizing fortifications, and managing the distribution of supplies within their cohort (a larger unit made up of several centuries). They had to report to higher-ranking officers and work closely with other centurions and military officials to ensure the efficiency of the Roman army.

The importance of centurions emerges from historical accounts and archaeological discoveries that highlight their prominent role in battles and military operations throughout the Roman Empire. They were respected figures among the soldiers and had opportunities for career advancement within the military organization.

In summary, the centurion was a fundamental figure in the Roman army, an expert officer, but also a disciplinarian and a leader, responsible for maintaining order, training soldiers and leading in battle.

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