About us

Trizio Editore, beauty in the foreground

​About us

We are art publishers and printers. Our group was born from the great vision of the founder of Trizio Editore, Brunilde Trizio, and is composed of e-commerce, print and art experts for over 40 years. We are based in Rome and Genoa, and have worldwide partners and contacts.

Italy's cultural richness

That Italy's artistic heritage is unique in the world is well known to everyone. Throughout a variety of historical periods, Italy has excelled in architecture, painting, sculpture, fashion, culinary art, design, music, cinema, theater, opera, and literature. All fields that require technical sensitivity and great creativity. Among these, a great Italian tradition that has never been equaled is printing.

From all around the world, when people want a high-quality product, they turn to Italian printmakers. We are privileged to belong to such tradition.

What Trizio Editore offers

– Always new and innovative articles on art from all over the world

— Social news, pictures, interesting information about major and minor artworks

— Prints and reproductions of art of all times on fine paper, canvas and any other support

– Original art multiples by artists, illustrators and photographers

— Original works from around the world

— Antiques and art objects from around the world

– Customized editions for corporations, institutions, galleries, companies, and individuals

– Collectibles and miniatures

– Processing and printing of customer drawings and photographs

The importance of images

Human beings have always wanted to surround themselves with images: from graffiti to frescoes, tapestries, paintings and paintings. Images are as important as and more important than words. A single image tells, excites, explains and demonstrates, as the "saying" says, more than a thousand words.

It is human nature to choose figures that represent us, that we like and that are able to give us well-being just by laying our eyes on them.

Just as your book shelf exists, your image collection cannot be missing. Whether they are in albums, on the walls of your home or office, they represent you, they guide you, and you like them.